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China and Japan: Is Reconciliation Possible?

Japan and China have had a fraught relationship which is older than most modern states on the contemporary map. In the 20th century, the Japanese Nanjing Massacre (also known as the Rape of Nanjing) and the overall brutality of Japanese forces towards China in the 1930s and 1940s, remain among the […]

Yemen Needs a National Dialogue Congress Far More Than Syria

The conflicts in Syria and Yemen are in many ways, polar opposites and therefore, the goals of a peace conference regarding these conflicts would be entirely different. In Syria, one faces a situation of various agents of anarchy ranging from Takfiri terrorists, to inauthentic proxy political movements, to Kurdish secessionists […]

Whitewashing of PKK/YPG Crimes is Complicity With Terrorism

Between 1984 and the present day, thousands have been killed by the Kurdish terrorist organisation PKK. This includes not only Turkish soldiers, policemen, public officials and citizens, but also foreign citizens, as was the case when two Europeans were killed during the 2005 PKK bombing of a resort in Kuşadası. […]

The Olympics Has Already Been Won By Korean Politicians–Russia Must Make The 2018 World Cup A Humour Filled People’s Party

The banning of Russian athletes from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has been a sad farce for the long discredited vision of the modern Olympic Games. Moreover the move is deeply unfair to the Russian athletes who devoted much of their young lives to this event. An Olympics that was […]

At Davos, China Offered Hope While Trump Scapegoated China for America’s Internal Decline

The World Economic Forum in Davos is increasingly becoming something of an old fashioned ‘boys club’, more intent on self-congratulatory statements than meaningful proposals and ideas which can move the world forward into the age of prosperity derived from respectful inter-connectivity. This may be one of the reasons why China’s […]

Turkey’s Opposition CHP Can Facilitate Official Rapprochement Between Ankara and Damascus

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of Turkey’s second largest party and the traditional party of government throughout the 20th century, the secular Kemalist CHP, has announced his intentions of holding direct talks with the Syrian government in spite of the severing of relations between the government in Damascus and Ankara. The […]

Kibbutz and “Rojava”: Two Deceptively Innocent Schemes To Steal Arab Land

In the early days of Zionist colonisation of Palestine, one of the preferred methods of settlement was the Kibbutz. Kibbutzim (plural) were self-sustaining agricultural communes set up by European Zionists in Palestine which were to form the core of so-called “Jewish settlements” on Palestinian land. The Kibbutzim served the practical goal of […]