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Popular Mobilisation Units of The Islamic Resistance Could Bring About The Downfall of The Syrian Arab Republic

With the exception of the United States which has mastered the art of becoming the airforce and strategic leader of non-state guerrilla/terrorist groups in Syria, the remaining parties to the conflict all stand united against non-state entities. Groups like Daesh, FSA and al-Qaeda are uniformly opposed by the states of Syria, […]

Russia Should Create A Special Crimean Economic Area For One Belt–One Road

Crimean politicians are naturally excited about the future economic potential of their idyllic peninsula. With its central Eurasian location on the Black Sea, natural beauty and its many resort towns, Crimea is an ideal place to begin an economic initiative designed to play on the regions natural attraction. Recently, Andrey Nazarov, […]

Jack Ma Will Partner With Duterte To Improve The Lives of All Filipinos

Jack Ma is one of the world’s most articulate entrepreneurs. The Chinese businessman’s companies Ali Baba and Ali Express have revolutionised e-commerce throughout Asia and the wider world. But beyond restricting his innovations to his companies, Ma has become an ambassador for technology and modernity. He once told a US […]

It Is Very Difficult To Prevent School Shootings, But Very Easy For The FBI To Harass People With A Sense of Humour

The easiest way to stop any crime is to catch the would-be assailant just before he commits his crime. For example, if the mass murderer responsible for the Florida school shooting was apprehended as he was readying his weapons, just before opening fire, this would be an open and shut […]

Moscow’s Successful Courting of The Jewish Lobby Represents The Penultimate Blow To US Power and Prestige

From Soviet ideals to win-win ideals  The days of an ideologically based Soviet foreign policy are so long gone, that at this point in history, Russia makes greater efforts to win over erstwhile adversaries than it does to assure its traditional allies. This is not to say that Russia has […]

Iranian-American Women Harassed On Live TV For Defending Islamic Revolution

Hoda Katebi is a Chicago based Iranian-American fashion writer and entrepreneur who was recently interviewed by WGN, a long running television channel. During the interview which was supposed to be about Katebi’s theories and experiences in the fashion business, the news anchors turned hostile and begun attacking the Islamic Revolution, […]

US Backed Kurdish Terrorists Claim Attack On Military Camp In Turkey. This Should Worry All Legitimate Nations of The Region

Kurdish YPG/PKK terrorists have claimed to have targeted a Turkish military camp inside Turkey, killing 7. While this report has not yet been verified by the Turkish government, the way in which the claim was reported is significant in terms of Turkey-US relations. The US has tried very hard to […]

A Brief History of US Violence Towards Latin America and The Caribbean, Shows Why The Region Is Leaning Towards A Peaceful China

The United States has a long, violent and politically dubious role in Latin America and The Caribbean dating back to the 19th century. Here are some of the most prominent US “interventions” into the Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations south of its borders. Mexican-American War (1846-1848). After the US annexed […]

Here’s The Real Reason Europe Doesn’t Want To Put Its Home Grown Daesh Members On Trial

The Syrian Arab Army and Iraqi Armed Forces have been making substantial gains against Takfiri terrorist groups, and with Daesh defeated in respect of being anything resembling a military unit, many of the European born terrorists who have illegally entered Syria and Iraq are now stuck in a legal no-man’s […]