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Pakistan’s Security Orientation: A Reappraisal

Pakistan is in the midst of various foreign policy challenges. The age-old rivalry with India continues to be a major preoccupation of security and foreign policy practitioners. The Afghan imbroglio and the concomitant tensions with the US, have not only imposed security challenges on Pakistan but also affected its position […]

India’s Republic Day: A Celebration of Unity During An Age of Sectarianism

India will celebrate Republic Day on the 26th of January, to commemorate the ascension of the first modern pan-Indian constitution. India has decided to mark the day in the presence of all the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) heads of state and government, in an attempt to project […]

Turkey and the US Are Worse Than Enemies–They Are Rivals

The deterioration of Turkey’s relationship with the United States has been a slow and gradual process that at one time, both sides chose to ignore. It began in earnest during the second term of US President Barack Obama whose seemingly smooth diplomatic language that wooed America’s European allies became noticeably […]

“Whaddya Gonna Do About It?”: The Relevancy of America’s Favorite Retort

The archetypically American retort of “whaddya gonna do about it” is an arrogant response to foreign policy criticism but it nevertheless serves a useful relevance in bluntly debunking Alt-Media fantasies and crudely posing Neo-Realist questions that the US’ adversaries are inevitably forced to answer. Most people who have any experience […]