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Syria: A War Nobody Has Yet Won, But Which The US Has Already Lost

The war in Syria has always been totally unnecessary, but in spite of this, due to its protracted length, it becomes inevitable that ‘winners and losers’ will be named.  While there are no clear winners, in so far as no one faction has fully realised its goals and in the […]

Pakistan’s Security Orientation: A Reappraisal

Pakistan is in the midst of various foreign policy challenges. The age-old rivalry with India continues to be a major preoccupation of security and foreign policy practitioners. The Afghan imbroglio and the concomitant tensions with the US, have not only imposed security challenges on Pakistan but also affected its position […]

Duterte Invites China to Challenge US “freedom of navigation” in South East Asia

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has given a speech condemning piracy in the seas of South East Asia. Speaking in India where ASEAN heads of state and government have gathered for Republic Day, Duterte is quoted as saying, “I go for a hardline policy. Blow them up in the high seas”. But […]

“Whaddya Gonna Do About It?”: The Relevancy of America’s Favorite Retort

The archetypically American retort of “whaddya gonna do about it” is an arrogant response to foreign policy criticism but it nevertheless serves a useful relevance in bluntly debunking Alt-Media fantasies and crudely posing Neo-Realist questions that the US’ adversaries are inevitably forced to answer. Most people who have any experience […]