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Western Citizen Terrorists in Syria are Fighting NATO Member Turkey in An Embarrassing Turn of Events

In 2016, independent journalist Graham Phillips brought the story of a young British man called Ben Stimson to the attention of the wider world. After researching the conflict online, Stimson travelled to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) where he volunteered as an aid worker with the armed forces of the […]

“Rapplergate”: Duterte’s Opponents Have Run Out of Ideas, So They’re Lying About Press Freedom

Philippines is currently gripped in what can only be described as a very American style scandal regarding freedom of the press and honesty within the press. The news and option website Rappler has come under fire from law enforcement, due to the fact that it is partially owned and financed […]

Turkey’s Anti-Kurdish Campaign Has Checkmated the US In Syria

Suddenly, the Syrian government, Egyptian government and an increasingly confused US as well as major EU powers are speaking in unison against Turkey’s anti-YPG Operation Olive Branch. This demonstrates a masterstroke in the joint diplomatic strategy of Russia, Syria and Turkey which although it does not officially exist, it has […]