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The War in Yemen Has Been Politicised For All The Wrong Reasons

Since 2015, the manifold war in Yemen has raged while a subsequent humanitarian disaster described by the United Nations as “the worst in the world”, continues with no signs of abatement. All the while, the US political class under both the administrations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump have largely […]

Peace in Afghanistan Will Not be Possible Until Kabul Acknowledges The Durand Line

While contemporary disputes between Afghanistan and Pakistan continue to permeate the consciousness of regional observers as well as international peace keepers, the reality is that it is an 1893 colonial era agreement that continues to prevent a genuine sense of trust and transparency from being achieved between Kabul and Islamabad.  […]

OPEC+ to Cut Oil Production as Russia, Saudi Arabia And Iran Make Win-Win Agreement

The idea that Iran and Saudi Arabia would agree on anything seems anathema to current trends in geopolitics, but when it comes to oil production, Iran and its fellow members of the de-facto Saudi led OPEC have just secured an important accord that allows the majority of OPEC’s members to […]

Erdogan Injects Sanity Into Debate on The Yellow Vests of France

Hours after Donald Trump made a wildly undiplomatic endorsement of the protesters in Paris and other major cities in France, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered a measured response to the issue while also reflecting on how Europe’s hypocritical behaviour led to this dangerous impasse for France and some of France’s […]

Jamal Khashoggi And Meng Wanzhou: Comparing and Contrasting Reactions

While the murder of Jamal Khashoggi on the 2nd of October has made and in many cases continues to make international headlines, it is clear that the issue matters most to Turkey. Because the Saudi masterminds of Khashoggi’s death choose their consulate in Istanbul as the site on which to carry out […]

Understanding The Surreal Spectre of an American President Endorsing a Riot Turned “Uprising” in Europe

The so-called Yellow Vest protests in France have entered their fourth week as heavily militarised police continue to clash with protesters in Paris as well as other cities throughout the country. While the initial protests were conducted as popular demonstrations against an unpopular rise in the fuel tax proposed by […]

Roger Waters Slams Professional Pink Floyd Tribute Band For Violating His Ethical Standards

Pink Floyd co-founder, lyricist and principle composer Roger Waters has taken to social media to criticise a major Pink Floyd tribute band that have three performances scheduled in Israel. Among the many political causes for which Waters advocates, supporting the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) which calls for a […]

Imran Khan and Donald Trump: Will They Hate Each Other or Develop a Positive Working Relationship?

While Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s domestic rivals have been out for his throat ever since the former cricketing star entered the political arena in 1996, for those with an honest mindset, allegations of hypocrisy and inconsistency betray the fact that when compared to almost all other front-line Pakistani politicians, […]

Russia Attempts to Mend Energy Ties Between Turkey and Greece – But Israel Has Other Ideas

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Among other issues discussed were plans to connect the Turkstream pipeline (a Russo-Turkish cooperative endeavour) to Greece and beyond the Balkans, to a pipeline leading from Greece into Italy. Putin further hinted at a standing offer to mediate […]