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The US Is More Afraid Of Losing Africa To Russia Than To China

The creative “Democratic Security” (counter-Hybrid Warfare) model that Russia is successfully applying in the Central African Republic prompted the head of AFRICOM to warn about its possible export to other African countries, which terrifies the US to no end because it stands a very realistic chance of losing the continent […]

Here’s How Trump’s Poised To Manipulate The Humanitarian Situation In Venezuela

There’s a very high likelihood that the US will commence a limited multilateral invasion of Venezuela if Maduro continues to block the Trojan Horse of a “humanitarian convoy” into his country and the military doesn’t turn against him in the near future because of it. Russia Hints That War Is […]

The Taliban’s Moscow Travels Have Turned Them Into Seasoned Diplomats

From the caves of the Hindu Kush mountains to conference rooms in swanky Moscow hotels, the Taliban have come a long way in their national liberation struggle and are proving themselves by the day to be the most capable stewards of post-US Afghanistan after their recent travels to the Russian […]

China Can Counter-intuitively Turn Vietnam’s Trump-Kim Summit Into a New Opportunity to Resolve Disputes With Hanoi

Among the most important revelations from Donald Trump’s State of The Union Address was his confirmation that he will hold a two-day peace summit with DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un in Vietnam on the 27th and 29th of February. For Kim Jong-un, this decision makes sense from the perspective that it […]

Reading Between The Lines: India Has Sour Grapes Over America’s Afghan Peace Talks

The clearest indication of how the Indian military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) truly feel about America’s Afghan peace talks with the Taliban can be seen in retired Major-General Harsha Kakar’s recent article on the topic for “The Statesman”, where the otherwise presumably serious former military official shows the […]

Tulsi Gabbard Continues to Court Extremists While Being Courted by Other Extremists

With all the brazenness of John Bolton revelling in unilateral hostility against Venezuela, US Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard took to Twitter to announce that her guest of “honour” during yesterday’s State of The Union address, would be a ringleader of a dangerous terror organisation. WOW YPG/PYD/SDC representative Ilham […]