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The DPRK Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Emphasis on Peace Through Prosperity

In 1948 an election was held in US occupied Korea under the dominant influence of the reactionary leader Syngman Rhee. The elections were marred with violence and were subsequently described as unsatisfactory by many international observers. For the next two years, Syngman Rhee consolidated his strongman rule by violently repressing ever more […]

By Provoking China, Britain’s Navy Officially Makes Brexit an Economic Disaster

Unwarranted military provocations are a counterproductive course of action in any circumstance, but when such provocations are conducted against an economically and militarily superior power located on the other side of the globe, such provocations are foolish and self-defeating in the extreme. On the 31st of August British Royal Naval […]

Duterte’s “Friend” Donald Trump Could Easily Reduce Inflation in The Philippines

Yesterday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte spoke about the current inflation problems in The Philippines. He correctly indicated that the root cause of inflation not just in The Philippines but throughout all developing economies (including in China) is due to external factors, namely the American trade war, the US Federal Reserves […]

Imran Khan Has Successfully Exposed Liberalism as Pakistan’s Greatest Enemy

America’s Establishment – the military-industrial complex  During his final address as President of the United States of America, General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the development of a military-industrial complex in the following way: “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the […]