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An Open Letter to Imran Khan

Dear Prime Minister, I write to you to convey both my fraternal greetings and to offer you an important message that I believe is deeply meaningful at this time in history. I have often said and I continue to say that you are Pakistan’s greatest leader since Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali […]

The Democrats Demanding The Publication of The Mueller Report Should be Supporting Julian Assange

When much of the content published by Wikileaks exposed the criminality, dishonesty and incompetence of the George W. Bush administration, many American supporters of the Democratic party cheered on Julian Assange. But when it became clear that Assange published without fear or favour, Democrats turned against him after Wikileaks released […]

The Guide to Belt and Road

For nearly six years, the Belt and Road initiative has been among the most discussed multilateral projects in the world, but in spite of this, there remain some fundamental misunderstandings about just what Belt and Road is. The following questions tend to be the most common when discussing Belt and […]

Without a New Political System Duterte’s Important Reforms Will Have Been For Nothing

Under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, The Philippines has experienced an upturn in its economic fortunes with both Asian and western investors looking at the potential of a consistently growing ASEAN economy that is both ideally located as well as being home to a young widely English speaking population […]

Pakistan Should Not Blindly Surrender to Modi Over Sikh Demonstrations

Sikh civil society groups have condemned Pakistan’s decision to ban activities of Sikhs peacefully campaigning for “Referendum 2020”  in which Sikhs plan to defy New Delhi and exercise their democratic right to vote on the issue of self-determination. Next year, Sikhs intend vote “yes or no” on the question of […]

The EU’s Cultural Sellout Should Make Self-Proclaimed “Europeanists” Turn Their Back on The Institution

When the two E♭ major tutti chords which introduce Beethoven’s 3rd symphony first rung out over Vienna in 1805, European music was forever changed. It was this piece of music which marked the beginning of an era in which the symphony would be the axis around which all public orchestral performances […]

The Anti-Assange Liberal Media Are Sounding a Lot Like Nazi Germany’s “People’s Court”/Volksgerichtshof

Between 1934 and 1945, the most vicious and frightening kangaroo court in the world was Nazi Germany’s People’s Cour (Volksgerichtshof). Chaired by Judge President Roland Freisler, the highly visible court held spectacular political show trials and sentenced hundreds to death. The court hardly even attempted to conduct what appeared to be […]