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Why Don’t Activists Care About The Kashmiris As Much As The Rohingyas?

It’s certainly peculiar that the international activist community cares more for the Rohingyas than the Kashmiris despite both of these people being Muslim minorities that are facing a similar threat of ethnic cleansing, which suggests that there must be more behind their double standards than initially meets the eye. The […]

Modi’s India: A Clear And Present Danger to Global Free Speech

As India’s ultra-nationalist BJP government becomes ever more assertive against perceived foreign rivals and internal religious and ethnic minority groups as well as downcast Hindus, an ever more confident attack on free speech is transpiring in a country that continues to promote itself as the “world’s largest democracy”. Throughout last […]

Should China Sell Hong Kong to Donald Trump?

Until this summer, much of the world considered Hong Kong to be a place of financial opportunity, the shopping mall of Asia, a place of luxurious excitement in a cradle of safety and moreover a bit of China for people that don’t particularly care for fully authentic Chinese culture. Today […]

Kashmir: World Leaders Only Care About Genocide After The Fact

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued a stark warning that the appeasing of Narendra Modi’s expansionist, sectarianism and Hindutva supremacist march on annexed Jammu and Kashmir will result in the proliferation of genocide with Kashmiris being the first and foremost victims. In his admonition of global indifference in the […]