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Russia to Cooperate With Lebanon in Repatriating Syrian Refugees

While most nations have a clearly defined set of relations with their neighbours and other international partners, Lebanon’s sectarian political system has prohibited the country from having a uniform policy towards Syria. On one end of the spectrum governing coalition member Hezbollah has sent its fighters from Lebanon into Syria […]

Is The US Trying to Provoke a Turkey-Saudi War on Syrian Territory?

Donald Trump has just announced that the US will be ending the $230 million per annum funding that Washington had been giving to anti-Ba’athist groups in Syria dating back to the Obama years. According to Trump, Saudi Arabia and other “rich countries” in the region will instead fill the void […]

North Korea Makes Highly Personal Appeal to Donald Trump While Slamming His Domestic Opponents

In a further sign that in spite of its putative isolation the DPRK (North Korea) has mastered the skilful art of perception management through diplomatic means, an official newspaper has published an editorial which  praises Donald Trump’s post-Singapore summit attitude towards Pyongyang while lambasting some of Trump’s most hated domestic […]

Brazil’s Democracy is Dying While Pakistan’s Enters a Renaissance

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry has rejected calls from the United Nations to allow jailed former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva full access to the public and media during his attempt to run for a further term in this year’s Presidential election while languishing behind bars. While Brazil’s democracy was always […]

Duterte Expands a Growing Security And Anti-Terror Partnership With Russia

Russia to Train Rodrigo Duterte’s Bodyguards And Assist in Naval Modernisation Hours after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte chastised the United States for openly meddling in The Philippines’ negotiations to purchase its first submarines from Russia, it was announced that Russia’s Federal Protection Service (FSO) will help to train Duterte’s Presidential bodyguards […]