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With The Old Regime Collapsing – Now is The Time For The Philippines to Adopt a New Parliamentary Model

The moment that Rodrigo Roa Duterte won the 2016 Presidential election in The Philippines, it became clear that the Filipino people had collectively said “out with the old and in with the new”. Since then, the political leaders and corporate media supporters of the old regime have continually embarrassed themselves, […]

The Philippines is Among The Least Easy Places to do Business in ASEAN – The Liberal 1987 Constitution is to Blame

The World Bank has ranked every economy in the world based the ease of doing business. The range of factors considered when making the penultimate assessment can be read in detail here. The news for The Philippines in particular serves as a stark reminder of how the economy is being […]

Duterte Should Make The Suspension of Rice Tariffs Permanent: Free Trade and FDI Are Essential For The Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced a suspension on rice tariffs in an effort to fight artificially inflated rice prices that have harmed some of the country’s poorest families. The President’s move should be widely applauded as it helps to resolve the problem of local rice hoarding oligarchs from exploiting […]

Protectionism is Depriving The Poorest Filipinos of Their Daily Rice

A crisis caused by corruption and exacerbated by protectionism The Philippines has long exercised protectionist policies in respect of agricultural imports including rice. Rice is not only the staple ingredient of Philippine cuisine but much more crucially it serves as the primary daily sustenance of millions of the country’s poorest […]