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While Obscurantists Spread Vile Rumours About President Duterte’s Health, The Real Cancer in Philippine Politics is The 1987 Constitution

The petty obscurantism of the elderly terror leader┬áJose Sison who recently challenged Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to mutually reveal their private health records is such a ridiculous political stunt that it does not warrant anything other than scorn. In reality, while President Duterte continues to taunt his opponents regarding their […]

The Only Thing Preventing Further Sustainable Economic Growth in The Philippines is The 1987 Constitution

One knows that the economy of The Philippines is doing well when even those attempting to write an anti-Duterte/anti-Philippines news item end up listing President Rodrigo Duterte’s major economic achievements. In an attempted hit-piece in the European magazine Money Weekly, an individual known as Marina Gerner actually wrote about Duterte’s […]