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Tariffs For Nothing (parody)

Music by Mark Knopfler and Sting – Lyrics by Adam Garrie Now look at them tariffs, that’s not the way you do it Banning Huawei cuz of “security” That ain’t workin’, that’s not he way you do it Tariffs for consumers left without 5G. Now that ain’t workin’, that’s not […]

Opposition to 5G is Opposition to Human Progress

The arrival of new and groundbreaking technologies typically elicits feelings of joyous anticipation among the general public but with positive reactions to technological breakthroughs also comes a deeply hostile reaction from a minority of technophobic neo-luddites who are paranoid about furthering the human condition. For some, reacting negatively to objectively […]

German Officials Hesitant to Join US War on Huawei

The United States government continues to try and coerce its traditional European partners into to banning the Chinese tech firm Huawei from building European 5G mobile networks. In an attempt to stifle free market competition and consumer choice through scare tactics involving alleged but unsubstantiated security issues, Washington hopes to develop […]