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China Embraces economic openness on the win-win model, Trump embraces unilateralism, the EU remains confused

Trump’s negative rhetoric on both China and the European Union  When it comes to Donald Trump’s geopolitical wars of words, apart from Venezuela and Iran, Trump’s greatest rhetorical ire is reserved for China and the European Union (EU). But while The US only formally established relations with the People’s Republic […]

Germans Are Self-Evidently Jealous That Turkey Has a Culture While Germany Has an Ex-Culture

One hundred years ago, no one could doubt the immense cultural contributions that German and Turkish states had made and were continuing to make to their respective regions and wider world. Indeed when it comes to science, art, poetry, literature, music, political philosophy in both theory and practice and educational […]

The Europeans Who Cried Sheep: Is EU Cooperation With China and Russia Just a Talking Point?

Donald Trump’s ability to to challenging long standing and in many cases mouldy shibboleths of the post-Cold War European political consensus is highly effective. It seems as though every time Trump threatens new tariffs on European imports, sanctions on European companies for dealing with Iran and requests for more money […]

Vucic Is Trying To Use “Reverse-Psychology” To “Legitimize” Selling Out Kosovo

Merkel doesn’t really care whether Kosovo is partitioned or not, but by framing his actions as going against the German Chancellor’s position, Vucic is employing “reverse-psychology” in a bid to exploit Serbs’ predisposition to opposing Berlin on principle, which he consequently hopes will shore up support for his unpopular plan […]

Donald Trump Has Gifted Angela Merkel Her Last New Lease of New Political Life

In spite of the fact that Germany’s economy remains a unique post-2008 European success story, Angela Merkel’s domestic reputation is likely permanently marred due to her mismanagement of the migrant crisis and the subsequent increase in a wide variety of political extremisms that were largely absent from both German states […]

Germany Wants Turkish Products, Services and Workers But Doesn’t Care About Turkey’s Safety

While Germany is home to 3 million Turks, the European nation is also home to Turkey’s most notorious enemies ranging from Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO) to the terror group PKK. The approaches Angela Merkel’s government have taken to Turkey are not only contradictory but dangerous. While Merkel and her ministers claim […]