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The Timing of Duterte’s Move to Bring Trillanes to Justice Was Highly Significant

When one mentions the Middle East, does one think of tranquillity, peace, human rights and stability? It is highly likely one thinks the opposite. Between Shi’a Muslims and Sunni Muslims engaged in combat, Takfiris killing Christians, Israelis killing Palestinians, Hamas launching rockets at Israel, Saudis boycotting Qataris and threatening them […]

Duterte Warns Opponent Trillanes About The Folly of Pride but in Any Other Nation Trillanes Would (still) Be in Jail

Antonio Trillanes is a member of the Philippine Senate, an institution that ought to be scraped and repalced by a federal-parliamentary system as soon as possible. But what is most surprising about a character like Trillanes is that he is allowed to engage in politics from anywhere except a prison cell. […]

Treasonous Senator Antonio Trillanes Must Be Arrested After Calling for a Coup Against President Duterte

Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes is no stranger to treason, having organised a military uprising against a sitting Philippine President in 2003. He was later jailed for his seditious activities. He again attempted to lead a coup in 2007 against then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo before surrendering to authorities. Now the master […]