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Duterte Just Boosted Entrepreneurialism in a Big Way – FDI Modernisation Must Follow

Prior to this week, The Philippines maintained an archaic law which effectively banned corporation soles (sometimes called sole traderships) from operating in the country. The old restrictions negatively impacted those wanting to start small businesses by requiring five or more private shareholders before one could register a corporation in The Philippines. […]

Samsung Closes One of its Two Factories in China as Domestically Produced Brands Prove More Popular

Chinese media has confirmed that as per Korean company Samsung’s announcement from December, it has closed its factory in Tianjin. This leaves Samsung with only one factory in mainland China, located in Huizhou, Guangdong. While Samsung remains the largest manufacturer of mobile phones world wide, the company’s market share in China has […]

American Tech Giants Declare War on Alex Jones – Yet Jones Blames China For His Predicament

In an unprecedented move by four major tech companies, the popular American political commentator, self-described patriot and much maligned so-called conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was simultaneously banned from Facebook, Apple’s podcast listing service, the Google owned Youtube video platform and the Spotify music and podcast streaming service. The move was […]