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Korybko To Iranian Media: “Defend Your Interests In The Mashriq But Pivot East!”

Andrew Koryko gave an interview to the Iranian newspaper “Kayhan” about the latest US-provoked tensions in the Gulf, with the main takeaway being that Iran must choose its battles in the Mashriq wisely in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the containment coalition that’s assembling to confront it, as well […]

With The Last First World War Veterans Dead – The 11th of November Has Become a Macabre Militant Rite

Of all the modern wars that have claimed millions of lives, the First World War was the most tragic as its origins were in futility, its outcomes were universally negative and its veterans experienced a perfect storm of modern weaponry combined with comparatively primitive medical care. Thus, those who died […]

The Arab World Has Martyrs But no Leaders

Today marks the release of Palestinian prisoner Ahed Tamimi who served eight months in an Israeli jail after slapping a soldier during protests against the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements near Nabi Salih.  Ahed Tamimi’s plight became symbolic of a Palestinian people struggling against a militarily superior occupier force without any tangible results. The […]

The China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Offers The Arab World Hope During a Time of Crisis

The once united Arab world is more divided today than at anytime since the implementation of the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 whereby the French and British imperial governments decided to split the majority of the Arab world into spheres of influence to be shared by western Europe’s foremost colonial aggressors. […]

Market Socialism With Islamic Revolutionary Characteristics: How to Save Today’s Iran From The Fate of The Shah

Parallels ignored at the peril of Iranian patriots  When looking at the present socio-economic conditions of Iran, one cannot help but recognise eerie parallels between 2018 and 1979. There runs a grave risk that some of the factors which initially led to the end of the Iranian monarchy in 1979 […]

Did Iran Just Disown Russia’s Peace Process or Did Iran Sign Up For It? In Either Case Iran Must “Look East” Rather Than to The Arab World

What Iran said Iranian officials have responded to statements from Russian officials saying that now is the time to begin moves towards a phased withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Syrian Arab Republic. It remains Russia’s goal to shift from a military conflict which from Russia’s perspective is winding […]

60+ Martyred Palestinians and Rising as Turkey and Iran Condemn Occupier Regime While Arab World is Silent

The 15th of May marks the 70th anniversary of Nakba, the catastrophe which saw over 700,000 Palestinians killed and displaced from their homes by European colonists. Beginning on Land Day, on the 30th of March, Palestinians began a continuous protest called the Great March of Return where thousands gathered in […]

Putin’s Israel Policy is Different Than Brezhnev’s, But It is Almost Identical to Stalin’s

Many pundits, journalists and activists who have embraced the complete myth that the 21st century Russian superpower is an anti-Zionist stalwart, remain dumbfounded that Vladimir Putin extended an invitation to Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu to be a guest of honour during Russia’s most sacred national day, Victory Day on the 9th […]