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Is The Premise of The “Trump-Russia Scandal” Based on an American Cartoon Aired in 2012?

The US probes into alleged ties between Donald Trump’s 2016 US Presidential campaign and the Russian government have been ongoing for nearly two years. While some insist that Trump’s team did collude with Moscow, others including Trump himself have called the entire process a “witch hunt” aimed at covering up […]

Assad and Macron: Driven Apart by Ideology – Driven Together by Circumstance

Macron’s 2018 olive branch and Assad’s 2011 olive branch  Yesterday, a feeble looking French President made an address to his nation after over four weeks of protests, demonstrations and riots from a de-centralised opposition/agitation group known as the Yellow Vests. In his speech, President Macon offered the public concessions on top […]

Understanding The Surreal Spectre of an American President Endorsing a Riot Turned “Uprising” in Europe

The so-called Yellow Vest protests in France have entered their fourth week as heavily militarised police continue to clash with protesters in Paris as well as other cities throughout the country. While the initial protests were conducted as popular demonstrations against an unpopular rise in the fuel tax proposed by […]

How Obama and Netanyahu Overplayed Their Hand in The “Arab Spring”

At the beginning of 2011 while Iraq was still on its knees following the illegal 2003 US/UK invasion, the rest of the Arab world was generally calm, domestic politics was predictable and most importantly from the American and Israeli perspective, the revolutionary fervour that underpinned the Arab Nationalist revolutions of […]

John McCain: A Life at War

America’s war in Vietnam   While American veterans of the Second World War are referred to domestically as “the greatest generation” and veterans of the war in Korea more grimly referred to as “the forgotten generation”, for the young Americans who fought in the disastrous war in Vietnam, there was no […]