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This Might Be The Beginning Of The End For The Russian-Belarusian Strategic Partnership

Belarus just suspended the shipment of light oil products from Russia to the West in the latest escalation of the unprecedented dispute between these two “Union State” “allies” in a move that might very well mark the beginning of the end for their strategic partnership. “Pulling A Ukraine” Belarus just […]

Belarus & Russia: Nipping The “Annexation” Infowar Narrative In The Bud

The emerging narrative that Russia is planning to “annex” Belarus is nothing more than an external infowar attack on their recently troubled partnership that seeks to accelerate the pace of Minsk’s pro-Western pivot by falsely fearmongering about Moscow’s geopolitical intentions. Applebaum Rings The “Annexation” Alarm Even the most casual “Russia […]

The Three Seas’ “Via Carpathia” Will Complete The Arctic-Mediterranean Corridor

The Polish-led “Three Seas Initiative” aims to streamline a North-South Corridor from Norway to Greece through the creation of the “Via Carpathia” trade route that would prospectively link with the “Baltic Ring” in order to connect the Arctic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. The southeastern Polish village of Jasionka hosted the […]

A Musical Greeting From Belarusian President’s Son To China On Eve of Spring Festival

On the 16th of February, China will begin celebrations of the Spring Festival, a fifteen day festival commemorating the traditional lunar new year. While world leaders and dignitaries throughout the world are sending fraternal greetings to President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people, the son of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has […]