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Putin’s Spokesman Shared The Hard Truth About Russian-Chinese Economic Relations

President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov poured cold water all over Alt-Media’s wishful thinking fantasy about Russian-Chinese economic relations during a recent interview with RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze that’s sure to unsettle a lot of their international supporters. Chinese President Xi is in Russia this week to attend the Saint Petersburg International […]

The World is Safe Because China is Not as Racist as The European Empires of The Recent Past

Because European empires caused both World Wars of the 20th century, after 1945 there was somewhat of a public move towards contrition in European political and intellectual circles, due to the damage that European armies along with their aggressive Japanese friends had done to the wider world. Ultimately, the wars […]

Sri Lanka Slammed The “Indo-Pacific” Concept As A Threat To China & Russia

Somewhat surprisingly, tiny Sri Lanka has emerged as the loudest voice in South Asia opposing the “Indo-Pacific” concept that New Delhi and Washington are jointly pursuing, pointing out how it’s “aimed at restraining China and even the Greater Eurasia by creating military unions between countries”, but the strong statement issued […]

Breaking Down Pompeo’s Verbal Assault On Russia & China’s Arctic Interests

The American Secretary of State threw down the gauntlet at Monday’s Arctic Council summit and showed the world that his country will actively challenge Russia and China’s interests in the Arctic Ocean. US Secretary of State Pompeo’s appearance at Monday’s Arctic Council summit in Finland would have been a routine […]