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India’s Looming Agricultural Crisis Is A Unique Chance To Change The System

The confluence of environmental factors and economic policies will probably trigger the large-scale migration of India’s hundreds of millions of mostly small-scale farmers and their families to the cities, completely upending the country’s social fabric and presenting the unique opportunity to finally change the system once and for all if […]

Trump’s Post Election Surprise For Modi’s India Explains Everything One Needs to Know About America’s “New Normal”

US foreign policy has become less and less predictable over the last two years, but one thing that has been totally consistent is Donald Trump’s willingness to tariff, sanction or embargo just about every foreign economy in the world. This is the case irrespective of all other diplomatic considerations. When […]

The BJP Victory is Good For Pakistan

Revive the two-nation theory as a patriotic narrative  For many, the two-nation theory is a matter of history rather than a contemporary and ongoing political phenomenon. If the plebiscite demanded by United Nations Security Council Resolution 47 was implemented, if Pakistan was not facing hostile provocations from India and its […]

It’s So Symbolic That A BJP Candidate Just Called Gandhi’s Killer A “Patriot”

The fact that BJP candidate and accused terrorist Pragya Singh Thakur claimed that Gandhi’s killer was a “patriot” is extremely symbolic since it drew attention to the unsavory figures that the ruling party associates itself with and also encapsulates the essence of the historic crossroad that this election represents. India […]

The BJP’s Response To Time Magazine’s Modi Cover Story Reveals The Party’s Bigotry

The famous American magazine plans to publish a cover story later this month criticizing Indian Prime Minister Modi, but his party just attacked the author for being part Pakistani by saying that “nothing better can be expected” from those people and claiming that he was “pursuing Pakistan’s agenda” despite him […]