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It’s So Symbolic That A BJP Candidate Just Called Gandhi’s Killer A “Patriot”

The fact that BJP candidate and accused terrorist Pragya Singh Thakur claimed that Gandhi’s killer was a “patriot” is extremely symbolic since it drew attention to the unsavory figures that the ruling party associates itself with and also encapsulates the essence of the historic crossroad that this election represents. India […]

The BJP’s Response To Time Magazine’s Modi Cover Story Reveals The Party’s Bigotry

The famous American magazine plans to publish a cover story later this month criticizing Indian Prime Minister Modi, but his party just attacked the author for being part Pakistani by saying that “nothing better can be expected” from those people and claiming that he was “pursuing Pakistan’s agenda” despite him […]

India’s Weaponization of the Islamophobic Western Far-Right is a Worrisome Global Scandal

Countries that are forced to rely on intense perception management in order to hide the nature of their true internal realities from the outside world often look towards cost-effective means of simultaneously seducing, confusing and misleading gullible foreigners. But if the “Incredible India” campaign of the early 2000s was a […]

India General Elections: At Halfway Mark, Narendra Modi Looks Strong; Final Result Will Depend on How UP Votes

The third phase of the ongoing national election in India is over, marking the completion of polling in half of the country’s 543-member strong Parliament. To form the next federal government, a party or alliance of parties requires 272 seats. In 2014, it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata […]

The Indo-US Nexus Strengthens as The Atlantic Council Censors Pakistan’s Military

 On 1 April, the Atlantic Council lent its Digital Forensic Lab (DFR) services to Facebook and its cybersecurity team in endeavour that saw 103 pages, accounts and groups all allegedly linked to Pakistan’s military’s PR wing removed. Facebook stated that ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’ was the reason for taking them down. […]

Nepal Might Be Modi’s Next Foreign Policy Target

A fledgling Hindu fundamentalist movement is becoming a more disruptive force in Nepali society after  clashing with the police over their demands that the country return to being a constitutionally Hindu state, something which perfectly dovetails with the “Akhand Bharat” grand strategy of Indian Prime Minister Modi and might make […]