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Duterte Joins The Ranks of Heroic Anti-Colonial Leaders and Activists Who Rejected an Imperialist View of God And Embraced True Faith

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte continues to stand by remarks in which he criticised the deity worshipped by the purveyors of organised religion as “stupid” while describing his own faith as a belief in a universal God who is logical, loving and forgiving. When answering questions regarding a possible apology over […]

Kanye West’s Domination of The US Political Landscape is Another Sign That The US is No Longer a Developed Country But a Wealthy Developing Country

In the 20th century, when the US was a politically stable developed nation, professional politicians with years of experience, expertise and an understanding of both domestic and geopolitics often courted entertainers in order to bolster an otherwise grey bureaucratic image. This was most infamously expressed when Evil Presley was photographed […]