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Boris Johnson is Not The UK’s Trump – He’s The UK’s Arnold Schwarzenegger

Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two men that seemingly have many more differences than similarities. Schwarzenegger is famous for lifting weights whilst Johnson is famous for lifting wine glasses. Johnson is famous for boasting an incredibly substantial vocabulary whilst Schwarzenegger’s heavily accented English is famed for its Spartan qualities. […]

Personal Attacks on Boris Johnson Could Accidentally Turn Him Into a True Brexiteer

Boris Johnson continues to be subject to personal attacks from all sides of the political spectrum. Although in terms of background Johnson is part of the English establishment, clearly his freewheeling spirit, improvisational political style and gaff prone rhetoric has earned him multiple enemies within the upper political (rather than […]

Presidential Systems Allow Mass Media to Promote Fatuous Politicians While Neglecting Intelligent Ones

The US media is in the midst of a collective obsession over a newly elected Congresswoman called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Democratic party. In many ways, Ocasio-Cortez is the liberal version of Donald Trump for the following reasons: –Both enjoy goading their respective bases with radical policies which challenge a long held […]