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India’s Taking A Page From Its American Ally By Accusing PM Khan Of Meddling

A popular Indian online media outlet published a piece purporting that part of one of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s latest speeches was intended to “exploit India’s fault lines under Modi’s rule”, which implies that the self-professed “world’s largest democracy” is taking a page from its American ally’s infowar playbook by […]

Roger Waters and Donald Trump: One Doesn’t Like The Other But They Are Both Supporting Online Free Speech

Roger Waters has given an interview with Russia’s RT television after competing a sold out show in St. Petersburg. On his current tour, Waters dedicated the 1977 Pink Floyd song Pigs (Three different ones) to Trump complete with multiple quotes by the US President being projected on large screens throughout the area […]

While Europe Debates Poland’s Holocaust Law, The US Has Passed Laws Which Censor The Present and Future

Poland and “Israel” are currently butting heads over Warsaw’s new law which forbids the use of the phrase “Polish death camps”, while also criminalising the denial of Ukrainian fascist crimes against humanity during the 1940s. Tel Aviv has slammed the law, as “Israel” preposterously seeks to blame Poland for the […]