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Pakistan’s Overseas Baloch Reintegration Campaign Extends To The EU

Dr. Jumma Khan Marri’s trip to the EU is a powerful example of a Pakistani patriot doing everything that he can to reintegrate his fellow overseas Baloch into their cosmopolitan homeland’s society after previously supporting their militant secession from it for decades. One of the long-running structural threats to Pakistan’s […]

Lopez Obrador Wins Historic Mexican Election – But Will he Tackle The Drug Problem With Duterte Style Commitment?

AMLO finally wins For the first time in history, the Mexican people have elected a President from outside of the liberal/centre-right mainstream. But far from being a political outsider, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (or AMLO as he is affectionately known in Mexico) is a political veteran. For five years he […]

Chinese President Xi Calls For Relentless War on Drugs With Chinese Characteristics

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for an intensified and relentless war on drugs that will concentrate equally on the domestic proliferation of chemical composite narcotics as well as illegal drug trafficking throughout Asia. According to an official report from China Daily, “President Xi Jinping has called for following a […]