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Armenian Protest Leader Nikol Pashinyan Voted Prime Minister by National Assembly – The Full Story

Pashinyan – the “people’s” oligarch One week after losing a bid to be elected Prime Minister by the Armenian National Assembly, the country’s unicameral legislature, today, a majority of Assembly members voted for Pashinyan to become Armenia’s new Prime Minister. Pashinyan was able to rely on votes from the ruling Republican […]

The News That Russia Won’t Intervene In Armenia Is An Infowar In And Of Itself

Russia was never going to “intervene” in stopping the Armenian Color Revolution (or “people’s revolution” as its supporters at home and abroad are referring to it as), and manufacturing a news event out of this non-existent issue is useful only in furthering weaponized infowar narratives such as maintaining the so-called […]

Armenia’s “Opposition” Adopts Negotiating Tactic of the Takfiris Who Have Stalled Syria’s Geneva Process

The Geneva peace talks for Syria have becoming something of a running farce as every time the Takfiri extremists lose to the Syrian government on the battlefield, their representatives saunter into the negotiating room in Geneva with even more extreme demands and increasingly unrealistic preconditions. With fewer and fewer pockets […]