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Russia to Create Daily Humanitarian Pauses in Battle of Eastern Ghouta – the US Did No Such Thing in Raqqa or Mosul

The Russian Defence Ministry has announced that on a daily basis between the hours of 09:00 to 14:00, fighting will be paused in Eastern Ghouta in order to allow civilians to evacuate the terrorist occupied suburb before fighting resumes. By contrast, the US never set up such humanitarian corridors or organised […]

Like Clockwork: Russia Accurately Predicts White Helmets False Flag in Attempt to Destroy Ceasefire

Yesterday, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that the Al-Qaeda aligned White Helmets propaganda group were preparing a false flag chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta. After Russian intelligence learned that the White Helmets were passing out crude gas masks and other chemical weapons related paraphernalia, Moscow issued the following statement, “Evidence has […]