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Since 1980, The USA Has Been Involved in 19 Wars – China Has Been Involved in None

Since 1980, China has been involved in a total of zero wars, zero foreign regime change missions and zero bombing campaigns against a foreign land. By contrast, the United States has made war upon, bombed or fomented regime change abroad on 19* separate occasions during that same period. Beyond this, […]

Do You Really Think America Would be Launching a War on Huawei if Ronald Reagan Were President?

During the 1980 Presidential election in the United States, former California Governor and Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan ran a campaign advertisement in which a narrator asked the audience whether various global events which allegedly humiliated the United States would have happened if Reagan rather than his opponent Jimmy Carter were […]

Deng Xiaoping’s Managed Growth Policies Have Readied China to Maximise The Benefits of the AI Revolution

At the end of the 1970s, 88% of China’s population lived in poverty. With more mouths to feed than food and other resources to comfortably go around, reformist leader Deng Xiaoping introduced temporary population planning measures which limited urban and some rural households to having one child. Although many reported […]