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If Olympians Can Be Drug Tested – Journalists Should Be Too

This year’s Winter Olympic Games has been marred with scandals regarding athletes being on “performance enhancing drugs”. The concerned parties claim that such drugs give athletes an unfair advantage over those who are not taking such substances, while the fact that Russian athletes have been disproportionately singled out for overtly political […]

Drugs: The 21st Century Terrorist’s Weapons of Mass Destruction – A Fact Rodrigo Duterte Understands

In 2011, when Libyan Revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi appeared before his nation saying that seditious elements and foreign agitators were on narcotics and thus deprived of their own cognitive abilities, he was laughed at by the western mainstream media who cheered on his subsequent assassination at the hands of al-Qaeda proxies […]

Duterte Must Withdraw Philippines From The Racist, Corrupt and Political International Criminal Court

Many Filipino politicians, including the permanently disgraced Senator Antonio Trillanes IV have helped promote complaints to the International Criminal Court (ICC) which is considering investigating President Rodrigo Duterte on charges related to so-called “extra-judicial killings’. The entire charade is an attempt on the part of Duterte’s domestic and international opponents to […]