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Fethullah Terror Organisation Uses “Schools” to Launder Money in Ethiopia

Former workers at an Ethiopian “school” operated by the Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO) have blown the whistle on an elaborate money laundering and tax evasion scheme through which FETO used its “educational facilities” in the seventh poorest African state to embezzle funds and withhold taxation to the Ethiopian government as part […]

Ethiopia Might Power Saudi Arabia And Become The Next Member Of The GCC+

The rising African Great Power of Ethiopia might prospectively export electricity to Saudi Arabia upon the completion of its Grand Renaissance Dam and thus become the next de-facto member of the GCC+. “Friendly Competition” The Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Agency’s (GCCIA) Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim told Climate News that the regional […]

He Can’t Win It For Technical Reasons, But PM Abiy Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

The Ethiopian premier can’t win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for technical reasons, but he nevertheless deserves global recognition for his peacemaking successes. The Nobel Committee will award its eponymous Peace Prize on 5 October, and while Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy certainly deserves this more than anyone else, it’s impossible […]