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Kashmir: World Leaders Only Care About Genocide After The Fact

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued a stark warning that the appeasing of Narendra Modi’s expansionist, sectarianism and Hindutva supremacist march on annexed Jammu and Kashmir will result in the proliferation of genocide with Kashmiris being the first and foremost victims. In his admonition of global indifference in the […]

Debunking And Reclaiming The Lost Meaning of ‘Victimhood’

With “Israel” threatening to obliterate Lebanon, Syria and Iran simultaneously, it beggars belief that anyone¬†could still think that the Zionist regime represents anything other than pure, unbridled aggression. However, there remain some who are still persuaded by the unjustified “victim narrative”¬†perpetuated by the regime to silence all opposition to its […]