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Turkey Refuses to Dogmatically Take Sides in ‘Cold War 2.0’ – Ankara Instead Prioritises Its National Interests

Even though the end of 2018 saw Turkey and the US easing many of the tensions that had been stirring since the Gulenist terror coup of July 2016, relations between the two NATO partners continues to to face new challenges. In 2019, the biggest challenges facing Turkey and the United […]

Erdogan’s War of Words With Netanyahu Signifies Significant Geopolitical Change in The Middle East

The Erdogan-Netanyahu war of words intensifies  The increasingly frequent war of words between Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu has escalated in the aftermath of Israel’s parliament passing the Nation State Law which codifies in very plain language, the long standing reality that the position of Jews […]

The War Between America’s Military-Industrial Complex And Turkophobic Lobbies Pushes Ankara Into Russia’s Arms

A war between the military-industrial complex and increasingly radical ethno-confessional lobbies  Both the Pentagon and the equally powerful corporate wing of military-industrial complex remain insistent that the delivery of the F-35 fighter jets ordered by Turkey must commence as originally scheduled. While Turkey remains adamant that it will soon also […]

Turkey Expresses Interest in Russia’s Su-57 Fighters as US Congress and Powerful US Based Ethno-Religious Lobbies Go Full-Turkophobic

CAATSA gone wild  While the Pentagon has expressed its willingness to follow through with its pledged delivery of US made F-35 fighter jets to Turkey, Congressional opposition fuelled by a unique alliance of the US based Armenian, Hellenic and Jewish lobbies continues to oppose the US delivery of the jets […]

Mattis Proposes Dropping Sanctions Against Countries Buying Both Russian and American Military Hardware

The advent of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) in its current form has the effect of potentially sanctioning any country that buys or even maintains Russian military hardware. According to CAATSA which directly targets Russia with sanctions, third countries, including US partners and allies who buy Russian military […]