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The Liberal Who Cried Fascist: Misuse of The “F-Word” is Allowing Brazil to Slip Into The Hands of The Far-Right

The Hellenic fable writer Aesop famously wrote about The Boy Who Cried Wolf. In the story, a local shepherd boy repeatedly runs into his village falsely shouting that a wolf is approaching. When later the boy actually does spot a wolf, none of the villages believe that his alarm is sincere […]

Croatian Footballer Domagoj Vida in New Alcohol Soaked Extreme-Right Racist Scandal

Croatian footballer Domagoj Vida has already been reprimanded by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) for participating in a video made shortly after his team’s victory over Russia in the World Cup in which he chanted a deeply offensive slogan. During the original video, Vida shouted the slogan “Slava Ukrayini” which […]