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21st Century Fascism is on The Rise and Free Speech is its Intended Victim

As societies became more enlightened over time, people were able to express tolerance for various ideas while admitting that no single thought process, epistemological theory, political party, spiritual guide or secular philosophy was completely correct nor completely false. This logical position regarding the nature of life and society was in […]

First The Silicon-Industrial Complex Came For The First Amendment – Now It is Waging a Very Serious Cold War Against China

Today the world knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is in fact a Silicon-Industrial Complex.  Beginning around the time of Donald Trump’s election, one which was incidentally opposed by the vast majority of oligarchs in Silicon Valley, companies including Facebook and its subsidiaries, Apple, Alphabet (the parent […]

The Liberal Who Cried Fascist: Misuse of The “F-Word” is Allowing Brazil to Slip Into The Hands of The Far-Right

The Hellenic fable writer Aesop famously wrote about The Boy Who Cried Wolf. In the story, a local shepherd boy repeatedly runs into his village falsely shouting that a wolf is approaching. When later the boy actually does spot a wolf, none of the villages believe that his alarm is sincere […]

Croatian Footballer Domagoj Vida in New Alcohol Soaked Extreme-Right Racist Scandal

Croatian footballer Domagoj Vida has already been reprimanded by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) for participating in a video made shortly after his team’s victory over Russia in the World Cup in which he chanted a deeply offensive slogan. During the original video, Vida shouted the slogan “Slava Ukrayini” which […]