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All of Duterte’s Hardships Are Caused by a Failed Political System That Ties His Hands

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has just issued a threat to those who seek to use their political power, wealth and ability to obstruct attempts at good governance with the threat of “revolutionary war”. During a recent speech in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Duterte lashed out at those hindering progress in […]

Does Anyone Actually Think That The Philippine Political System is Good?

In arguments regarding constitutional reform (aka charter change) in The Philippines, those opposed to a shift to a federal-parliamentary system that eliminates constitutional restrictions on foreign direct investment (FDI), typically deploy the following negative arguments: 1. Filipinos will never adapt to a new system 2. Some regions are too poor […]

It is Now Clear That a Federal-Parliamentary Philippines Requires a “Ministry For FDI”

The recent water crisis in Metro Manila makes several things immediately clear. 1. Many existing domestic utility companies are not fit for purpose. 2. Constitutional prohibitions on substantial foreign ownership of utilities has held back infrastructural progress in The Philippines. 3. A lack of regional development outside of Metro Manila […]

Getting Loans From China Doesn’t Mean The Philippines Will Automatically Get Lured Into a “Debt Trap”

Getting into a Debt Trap will only happen if: 1. The projects chosen do not translate into greater Economic Output/Productivity and Efficiency for the overall economy because we chose the wrong projects (like pure vanity projects rather than actual economic enablers and economic multipliers). Let’s say we were under Yellow […]

Lessons For The Philippines: FDI is Not “Foreign Domination” But a Win-Win Two-Way Street

In The Philippines, defenders of the 1987 Constitution’s anti-foreign direct investment (FDI) restrictions often invoke hyper-nationalism to indicate that the modernising of restrictions on FDI would lead to something akin to neo-colonialism against The Philippines. Such arguments not only misrepresent the neo-colonial nature of the class of domestic oligarchs shielded […]