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Federal-Parliamentary Advocates in The Philippines Have Ideas – Anti-Reformists Have Only Illogical Fearmongering

After one has spent substantial time reviewing online and real life discussions about the need to transform The Philippines from its current convoluted presidential system into a straightforward Singapore style parliamentary system at a national level, with the added element of creating parliaments in new federal units of the country, […]

The Philippines Can’t Curtail Corruption Without Replacing a Corruption Prone Political System

Transparency International recently released the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index which ranks the nations of the world by widely held perceptions regarding corruption in the public sector. Of note is the fact that the top ten nations and beyond all have parliamentary political systems while the bottom ten and beyond each […]

Without a New Political System Duterte’s Important Reforms Will Have Been For Nothing

Under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, The Philippines has experienced an upturn in its economic fortunes with both Asian and western investors looking at the potential of a consistently growing ASEAN economy that is both ideally located as well as being home to a young widely English speaking population […]

Help Orion Perez D to Bring Positive Change to The Philippines

Orion Perez D is a tireless campaigner for the three major reforms that The Philippines desperately needs. His CoRRECT Movement advocates for a shift to parliamentary governance, federalism throughout The Philippines and a new constitution that eliminates the poverty inducing restrictions on foreign direct investment. Orion is looking to raise […]

Human Idolatry is Alive And Well in The Philippines And it is Destroying The Country’s Progress

Defining meritocracy One of the defining features that separates advanced societies from those that are either evolving or primitive, is that the most successful and most highly advanced societies are formed on a meritocratic basis. Meritocracy is equality in action and it expresses itself in society by rewarding those who […]

Mahathir’s Visit to The Philippines Should be a Lesson in The Superiority of Pro-FDI Federal-Parliamentary Systems

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has shaped Malaysia more profoundly than any of its modern leaders. Apart from just being the longest serving Prime Minister of his country (1981-2003/2018-present), Mahathir’s reputation as a no-nonsense, forward looking, pro-development reformist helped to transform Malaysia from a country that was decades behind neighbouring Singapore […]

With The Old Regime Collapsing – Now is The Time For The Philippines to Adopt a New Parliamentary Model

The moment that Rodrigo Roa Duterte won the 2016 Presidential election in The Philippines, it became clear that the Filipino people had collectively said “out with the old and in with the new”. Since then, the political leaders and corporate media supporters of the old regime have continually embarrassed themselves, […]