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Mahathir’s Visit to The Philippines Should be a Lesson in The Superiority of Pro-FDI Federal-Parliamentary Systems

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has shaped Malaysia more profoundly than any of its modern leaders. Apart from just being the longest serving Prime Minister of his country (1981-2003/2018-present), Mahathir’s reputation as a no-nonsense, forward looking, pro-development reformist helped to transform Malaysia from a country that was decades behind neighbouring Singapore […]

With The Old Regime Collapsing – Now is The Time For The Philippines to Adopt a New Parliamentary Model

The moment that Rodrigo Roa Duterte won the 2016 Presidential election in The Philippines, it became clear that the Filipino people had collectively said “out with the old and in with the new”. Since then, the political leaders and corporate media supporters of the old regime have continually embarrassed themselves, […]

In Case You Missed it: This Video Explains Why The Philippines Desperately Needs a Federal-Parliamentary System

Orion Perez D has made a video explaining the ins and outs of parliamentary legislative systems throughout the world and why such a system would far better serve the interests of The Philippines than the more chaotic and needlessly complex US style Presidential/Congressional system that is currently in place. The […]

A Confident Philippines Will go For Parliamentary Governance – a Fearful Nation Will Cling to The Old And Discredited

A confident nation is able to withstand a great leap into the unknown while a nation aware of its problems but too timid to apply the correct solutions to these problems will see its economic, social and political conditions continue to deteriorate. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s proposed federal reforms and […]

The List of the Most and Least Corrupt Countries is Out And it Says a Lot About Presidential Versus Parliamentary Systems

Transparency International has released this year’s Corruption Perceptions Index which ranks the nations of the world by widely held perceptions regarding corruption in the public sector. Of note is the fact that the top ten nations and beyond all have parliamentary political systems while the bottom ten and beyond each […]

Rodrigo Duterte Understands Something That Macron and Putin do Not – This is Why The Window For Federal-Parliamentary Reform is Real

I have been inspired to write this piece because the well known anti-Duterte media outlet Rappler has decided to publish yet another piece devoted entirely to me. Although I am flattered that I am the subject of such interest among Rappler’s staff, it is a pity that they know so […]

Duterte’s Remarks on The Commission on Audit Should Get People Talking About Federalism

While no fiscally prudent individual likes big government, it is often that governmental organisations designed to better restrict government spending become bloated big government bodies themselves. Such is the case with the Philippine Commission on Audit that was established as yet another permanent body of government by the 1987 Constitution. President […]

Diehard Duterte Supporters Must Also Become Diehard Parliamentary Supporters to Keep The Movement Alive

If Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was a younger man operating in a political system that allowed for extensive periods as head of state or government, it would be conceivable that the Diehard Duterte Supporters (known as the DDS), could become a long term grassroots social movement for continued political reform […]