Europe’s Terror Filled New Year Celebrations: Why European Leaders Must Lean Counterterrorism Strategy From Turkey

The vast majority of colonial/imperialist powers of the modern era have been European states. Yet even though the age of formal empire has long since passed, European leaders still show little if any contrition for the crimes of the past. Instead, European powers have frequently championed neo-colonial wars in states […]

America Has no Turkey Policy – it Instead Has Several Highly Confused And Contradictory Turkey Policies

The US seems to have lost any sense of consistency when it comes to Turkey  At the US Embassy in Ankara, there is still no formal Ambassador while at US consulates throughout Turkey, multiple individuals have been arrested for having links with the Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO). In terms of the […]

Here’s How Turkey and America Could Reset Their Relations

The past 24 hours have seen the US offer multiple contradictory statements regarding its close relationship with Saudi Arabia, while equally contradictory statements were made regarding relations with Turkey.  Initially, Donald Trump stated that sanctions against Turkish officials and a 50% punitive tariff increase on Turkish steel and aluminium exports […]