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Media Oligarchs Think Filipinos Are Too Stupid to Stand Up For Their Rights – The Oligarchs Must be Proved Wrong

As part of a programme to censor political views which goes against its corporate line, Facebook’s owners have decided to implement a so-called “fake checking” regime which will hide or delete posts that do not get certified as “accurate” by Facebook’s corporate partners in The Philippines. Before going any further, […]

Everyone Involved in Youtube HQ Shooting is a Victim – Time for an Intellectual Property Civil Rights Act

Long before the United States and its constitution existed, philosophical arguments have existed concerning the ethics of free speech. The First Amendment of the US Constitution attempted to solve these issues by being a catch-all for the legalisation of free speech that could only be restricted in the most extreme […]

Here’s How to Save Facebook and Political Transparency Without Encroaching on Individual Rights or Business Opportunities

The problem with Facebook, like so many other corporations is that it got greedy and tried to do too many things all at once and when all such ethical options were exhausted, they went into the unethical. There is no doubt that, as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden both have […]