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Roger Waters and Donald Trump: One Doesn’t Like The Other But They Are Both Supporting Online Free Speech

Roger Waters has given an interview with Russia’s RT television after competing a sold out show in St. Petersburg. On his current tour, Waters dedicated the 1977 Pink Floyd song Pigs (Three different ones) to Trump complete with multiple quotes by the US President being projected on large screens throughout the area […]

An “Old Left – Libertarian Right” Free Speech Alliance is Emerging in the US and Europe

Donald Trump has recently spoken out on a number of occasions in favour of a Constitutionalist approach to free speech. Trump has been motivated to address the issue of free speech after a number of social media corporations censored both medium sized professional media outlets and individual activist-commentators for expressing […]

Whatsapp Rejects Indian Government Blackmail as The Real Issues of Violence Remain Unaddressed

Earlier this week, India issued an ultimatum to the CEO of the popular digital messenger service Whatsapp should it wish to continue operating in India where the app has a substantial customer base. According to Indian Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, “I suggested three points. First — WhatsApp must have a grievance […]

American Tech Giants Declare War on Alex Jones – Yet Jones Blames China For His Predicament

In an unprecedented move by four major tech companies, the popular American political commentator, self-described patriot and much maligned so-called conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was simultaneously banned from Facebook, Apple’s podcast listing service, the Google owned Youtube video platform and the Spotify music and podcast streaming service. The move was […]

EU Parliament Rejects Draconian Copyright Proposals in Major Victory For Free Speech Activists

After campaigns from multiple free speech activists, hi-tech innovators and artists ranging from world-wide-web inventor Tim Berners-Lee to Paul McCartney of The Beatles, the Parliament of the European Union has rejected new copyright proposals and has sent the entire issue back to the drawing board will new and revised proposals will […]