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Erdogan Slams George Soros and European Currency Speculators While Encouraging Turks to Dump Dollars and Euros

During a major campaign speech in the eastern Anatolian city of¬†Erzurum, Turkey’s President¬†Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at European and American currency speculators whose machinations have caused the Turkish Lira to sink to historic lows against the US Dollar. Erdogan correctly pointed out that he has prioritised internal investment and […]

George Soros Attacks Cryptocurrencies During Incoherent Rant

Billionaire currency manipulator and global political meddling mogul George Soros has delivered an attack on Cryptocurrencies that has thus far slipped under the radar due to his more widely reported statements about Donald Trump and his rambling yet evasive criticism of social media. During remarks made at the World Economic […]