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Who’s Who and What’s What in Iraq’s New Parliament

Iraq’s parliament by numbers  Iraq’s new parliament will meet to form a new government following the first national elections since the terror group Daesh occupied vast swaths of the country’s territory. After a lengthy manual re-count of votes, the major factions had the following number of parliamentary seats: –Saairun Alliance […]

New Amiri-Sadr Pact Attempts to Prevent Further Chaos in Iraq but Problems Persist in the War Torn Country

The two Iraqi political blocs who collectively won the most seats during the recent general election have announced a pact with the intention of forming a broad coalition government. The Saairun bloc of controversial Shi’a cleric Muqtada al-Sadr won 54 seats in the election while Hadi Al-Amiri’s Fatah alliance scored a close […]

Iraq’s Disastrous Election Vindicates Syria’s Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party And Also Iraq’s Ousted Rival Ba’ath Party

Preliminary results in Iraq’s first general election since 2014 indicate that the country remains as confused and politically disorientated as it has been since the illegal US/UK invasion of 2003. At the moment, throughout much of the south and centre of the country, including in the capital Baghdad, a coalition […]