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Pakistani Liberals Should be Ashamed at Being on The Same Side as Foreign Fascists

There are two groups among whom a pathological hatred of Pakistan is becoming ever more pronounced and vicious. The first group are Pakistani liberals themselves, whether those living in Pakistan or those living abroad. The second group are white westerners who identify as neo-Nazis/fascists and/or white supremacists. While modern western […]

India’s Taking A Page From Its American Ally By Accusing PM Khan Of Meddling

A popular Indian online media outlet published a piece purporting that part of one of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s latest speeches was intended to “exploit India’s fault lines under Modi’s rule”, which implies that the self-professed “world’s largest democracy” is taking a page from its American ally’s infowar playbook by […]

A Hindutva Empire is Worse Than 100 British Empires – Blaming Modi’s Aggression on 1940s Britain is Intellectual Cowardice

A constant refrain from non-south Asian media on the current Kashmir crisis and the wider India-Pakistan standoff is one which seeks to blame the entire matter on the British Empire’s hasty withdrawal from the region in the late 1940s. However, Britain’s withdrawal from south Asia only tells half of the […]