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Whatsapp Rejects Indian Government Blackmail as The Real Issues of Violence Remain Unaddressed

Earlier this week, India issued an ultimatum to the CEO of the popular digital messenger service Whatsapp should it wish to continue operating in India where the app has a substantial customer base. According to Indian Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, “I suggested three points. First — WhatsApp must have a grievance […]

India’s WhatsApp Mob Lynchings Might Turn Its “Democracy” Into A Dystopia

The “world’s largest democracy” might descend even further into dystopia than it already is if the government exploits the recent spree of WhatsApp mob lynchings to censor social media, weaponize crowd control tactics, and then unleash millions of future militiamen against so-called “anti-national” groups. Indian “Democracy” Takes Off Its Mask […]