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If Huawei Made Jets That Crashed – America Would Have Grounded The Fleet Within Minutes

Boeing continues to shock the world with insufficient explanations and generally unsatisfactory assurances when it comes to defending the safety record of its 737 Max-8 passenger jets which came into service as recently as 2017. This comes after a 737 Max-8 operated by Indonesia’s Lion Air crashed on 29 October […]

Huawei is Defending Libertarian Economic Principles in The Heart of America

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has just filed a major lawsuit in a US federal court. The complaint asserts that portions of this year’s U.S. military appropriations act which specifically prohibit the American public sector and its subcontractors from using Huawei hardware, are unconstitutional. The lawsuit has already attracted international […]

German Officials Hesitant to Join US War on Huawei

The United States government continues to try and coerce its traditional European partners into to banning the Chinese tech firm Huawei from building European 5G mobile networks. In an attempt to stifle free market competition and consumer choice through scare tactics involving alleged but unsubstantiated security issues, Washington hopes to develop […]