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Hungary’s “Slave Law” Is Really An Anti-Migrant Labor Law That’s Being Deliberately Misportrayed 

The Mainstream Media is up to its old tricks again after trying to deceive Hungarians and the rest of the world into thinking that EuroRealist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is supposedly turning his people into “slaves”, deliberately misportraying the latest labor law in order to take revenge on him […]

The Three Seas’ “Via Carpathia” Will Complete The Arctic-Mediterranean Corridor

The Polish-led “Three Seas Initiative” aims to streamline a North-South Corridor from Norway to Greece through the creation of the “Via Carpathia” trade route that would prospectively link with the “Baltic Ring” in order to connect the Arctic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. The southeastern Polish village of Jasionka hosted the […]

Liberal Fear Mongering: Bribe Migrant Smugglers Or They’ll Turn Into Terrorists

The UK’s Guardian is contributing to senseless fear mongering in propagating the narrative that former migrant smugglers – and assumedly, the sub-Saharan population at large – will turn into terrorists unless they’re basically bribed by the Europeans not to. The EuroRealist Revolution in European Affairs began in Hungary but has […]

Time Magazine Tries to Slander Duterte and Ends Up Paying Him A Compliment

A new edition of the US publication Time Magazine features a cover image of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hungarian Prime MInsiter Viktor Orban under the headline “Rise of the Strong Men”. While Time is trying to imply the worst of the leaders mentioned, […]