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It is Impossible to be a Conservative Whilst Denying That Hong Kong is China

There are multiple reasons why proclaiming to be a genuine conservative (note the small ‘c’) whilst supporting rioting and  separatism in Hong Kong are mutually exclusive positions. Most apparently, seeing as social conservatism is built upon the foundation of respect for law and order and a complete rejection of mob […]

Decades of Insular Pakistani Leadership is to Blame For The World’s Failure to Care About Kashmir

Yesterday, India effectively annexed the formerly occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir by abrogating Article 370 of the Indian constitution and the related presidential order 35A. 370 provided for limited autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir whilst 35A forbade non-Kashmiris from purchasing real property in Jammu and Kashmir.  With these provisions […]

Crisis Management: India, Pakistan And India

At the core of this piece is an exploration of the different ways in which both real and manufactured crises are managed by three large Asian countries that have dominated the headlines throughout 2019. India  The key to decoding Indian crisis management is an understanding of the concept of plausible […]

To Those Who Dislike Trump: Tell us Why?

Donald Trump has not made the United States less safe and he has not made the United States less wealthy. The fact is that under Trump there have not been any international terrorist incidents on US soil. Simultaneous to this, while the US economy has since 1971 been dangerously predicated […]

Trump’s Post Election Surprise For Modi’s India Explains Everything One Needs to Know About America’s “New Normal”

US foreign policy has become less and less predictable over the last two years, but one thing that has been totally consistent is Donald Trump’s willingness to tariff, sanction or embargo just about every foreign economy in the world. This is the case irrespective of all other diplomatic considerations. When […]