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India’s Sell-Off of US Treasuries Proves That China’s Simultaneous Sell-Off is Not Ideologically Motivated

While the heavily indebted US economy relies on sovereign states to purchase American debt, the inflationary spirals that have appeared throughout small, medium and large emerging markets as a direct result of Washington’s policies have led to the phenomenon of both US partners and rivals simultaneously selling off their holdings […]

Duterte’s “Friend” Donald Trump Could Easily Reduce Inflation in The Philippines

Yesterday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte spoke about the current inflation problems in The Philippines. He correctly indicated that the root cause of inflation not just in The Philippines but throughout all developing economies (including in China) is due to external factors, namely the American trade war, the US Federal Reserves […]

Turkey and Iran’s Partnership Has Been Strengthened as Both Neighbours Face Common Challenges From Similar Sources

In geopolitical relations, partnerships are formed as much on the basis of having shared goals as they are on the basis of facing shared challenges. While the modern histories of Iran and Turkey are highly divergent and while prior to the 20th century the Ottoman and Persian empires were great […]