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John Bolton’s Resignation Letter is a Major Olive Branch to Both North And South Korea

To say that the division of Korea has caused disagreements and outright hatred on both sides is an understatement. But ever since the inauguration of Korean detente in 2018, Pyongyang and Seoul have been engaging in increased cooperation. For months on end, Moon Jae-in’s Blue House has been publicly agreeing […]

John Bolton: A Morally And Fiscally Bankrupt Man

Yesterday, something truly magical happened in American politics. The forces of the big government, pro-war/pro-debt movement aligned to heap praise on John Bolton. Bolton of course had been Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor and by all accounts, the two men had little in common. Donald Trump ran on what passes […]

Trump is Using Venezuela to Break Latino-American Solidarity Against His Wall

Although America’s latest attempt at regime change revolves around Washington recognising a self-declared Venezuelan “President” as the legitimate head of state, Donald Trump has curiously refrained from saying a great deal on the matter. Instead, yesterday Trump took to Twitter in order to criticise Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, who […]

John Bolton is on Thin Ice as Trump and Erdoğan Rebuke His Unilateral Attempt to Change US Policies

US President Donald Trump has held another phone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that has been hailed as a success by both sides. Speaking before members of his AK Party, Erdoğan stated that the US leader remains fully committed to an orderly US withdrawal that is coordinated with the Turkish […]