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Here’s What Recent Events in Venezuela Can Explain About Donald Trump’s Distaste For Expensive Interventions

For Venezuela, the year started with a bang but half way through and things are starting to sound like a rapidly softening whimper. It was on 23 January that a hitherto little known figure called Juan Guaidó took to the streets of Caracas and declared himself the president of Venezuela. […]

Concert For Regime Change: Coming Soon to The Colombia-Venezuela Border

When the US launched the world’s first Twitter Coup against Venezuela’s UN recognised government, it was immediately clear that Washington had adopted ultra-contemporary methods to do what the US has been doing to Latin American countries for well over a century. But while during the 1973 Chilean coup, Henry Kissinger’s […]

Here’s What The 1884 Berlin Conference Can Teach The World About Venezuela Today

In the late 19th century, modern methods of transport including rail, steamers and ultimately the internal combustion engine automobile, made it so that parts of Africa once remote to European imperialists became far more physically accessible. This resulted in the so-called scramble for Africa that ushered in a period of […]

Russia Just Pulled A Syria In Venezuela, But Not The One That Alt-Media Expected

Contrary to the Alt-Media Community’s “wishful thinking” expectations that Russia would “pull a Syria” in Venezuela by commencing a full-on military intervention in support of the country’s democratically elected and legitimate government, Moscow instead decided to channel the diplomatic dimension of that Mideast campaign by offering to “mediate” between the […]