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The US Just Completed Its Quest To Co-Opt The Patriotic Opposition In Ecuador

Former President Rafael Correa’s claim that Julian Assange abused his political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to influence the US’ 2016 elections and his publicly proclaimed admiration for Hillary amount to nothing less than the completion of America’s quest to co-opt the country’s patriotic opposition and ensure the […]

The Recent US-UK Diplomatic Leak Scandal Fully Vindicates Julian Assange’s Position

When the Metropolitan Police made the unusual public announcement that publishers of leaked information could be arrested, front-line politicians leapt into action to defend the right to publish leaked material that is in the public interest. Both likely soon-to-be UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his rival Jeremy Hunt made […]

Assange’s Inhumane Treatment Converted me From a Centrist to a Libertarian Centrist

Centrism is not liberalism even though the declining standards of rhetoric in European politics have lead to many ignoramuses confusing the two. Fundamentally, centrist politics is about problem solving rather than fanaticism, it is about the melding of logic to ethics and of scientific thought processes to a humane approach […]