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Julian Assange’s Lawyer Correct to Reject Ecuador’s “Trap Door Deal”

Yesterday, Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno revealed that his country and the United Kingdom had reached an agreement whereby upon Julian Assange’s hypothetical exit from London’s Ecuadorian Embassy (where he has lived as a de-facto prisoner since 2012) Assange would not face extradition to a country that might execute him. Initially, […]

Roger Waters’s Defence of Julian Assange Constitutes a Moment of Genuine Activism in an Age of Celebrity Grandstanding

It has long been commonplace for celebrities to take positions on major public issues, although as with any trend, the ideals, sincerity and originality of such a movement or set of movements tends to become diluted over time. As a result, most celebrity so-called activism of the contemporary period remains […]

The Chinese Government Does Not Threaten The Civil Liberties of Americans – But The US Government Sure Does

The American hybrid war on China kicks into top gear Taking a cue from the Democratic party that continues to blame the existence of Russia on every domestic problem in the United States, the Republicans have now joined the bandwagon of mass hysteria directed at foreign scapegoats only this time […]

This 2012 Julian Assange Interview With Imran Khan Sheds Light on The Man Set to End Pakistan’s Political Dynasties

In 2012, Julian Assange had just entered the Ecuadorian Embassy as an asylum seeker under the auspices of his ally, the then President of EcuadorĀ Rafael Correa. It was at this time that Pakistan was preparing for its first ever peaceful democratic transition in the run-up to the 2013 general elections. […]