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The Chinese Government Does Not Threaten The Civil Liberties of Americans – But The US Government Sure Does

The American hybrid war on China kicks into top gear Taking a cue from the Democratic party that continues to blame the existence of Russia on every domestic problem in the United States, the Republicans have now joined the bandwagon of mass hysteria directed at foreign scapegoats only this time […]

This 2012 Julian Assange Interview With Imran Khan Sheds Light on The Man Set to End Pakistan’s Political Dynasties

In 2012, Julian Assange had just entered the Ecuadorian Embassy as an asylum seeker under the auspices of his ally, the then President of Ecuador Rafael Correa. It was at this time that Pakistan was preparing for its first ever peaceful democratic transition in the run-up to the 2013 general elections. […]

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno is on The Verge of Committing a Crime Against Peace

Julian Assange is a champion of peace and transparency in government. Julian Assange has shed light on the darkness of torture chambers, on the dictatorial tendencies of self-described democrats and on the friendships between these fake democrats and tyrants. Julian Assange has used the power of modern online publishing to […]

Julian Assange Scores Major Legal Victory as Court Orders Safe Passage of Wikileaks Founder Out of Embassy

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights based in Costa Rica is a multinational independent judicial body which handles court cases relating to the human rights of individuals in or effected by the laws of the members states of the Organization of American States (OAS). At present the OAS is comprised of every […]

The Government Sponsored Torture of Julian Assange Will be Remembered With The Shame Felt Regarding The Ill-Treatment of Alan Turing

Dr. Alan Turing was a pioneer of computer science and the man that many regard as the forefather of modern artificial intelligence. Touring’s work in the early 20th century was so far ahead of his time that much of his methodology remains studied even by those working on modern supercomputers that […]