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America’s Confrontational Approach to China is a Rejection of Realism

The age-old aphorism “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” can accurately describe China’s mentality towards both domestic matters and issues concerning cooperation with international partners. China’s model is one that transformed the world’s most populace nation from a place where at the turn of the 1980s 88% of all […]

Cuba on The Verge of Adopting Chinese Style Market Socialism With Cuban Characteristics

Cuba’s National Assembly has just adopted a new Constitution which replaces the previous one originally adopted in 1976. Some of the more internationally eye-catching changes are that while the position of the Communist Party remains intact, much as is the case in contemporary China and Vietnam, the goal of “building […]

Market Socialism With Islamic Revolutionary Characteristics: How to Save Today’s Iran From The Fate of The Shah

Parallels ignored at the peril of Iranian patriotsĀ  When looking at the present socio-economic conditions of Iran, one cannot help but recognise eerie parallels between 2018 and 1979. There runs a grave risk that some of the factors which initially led to the end of the Iranian monarchy in 1979 […]