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Trump’s Post Election Surprise For Modi’s India Explains Everything One Needs to Know About America’s “New Normal”

US foreign policy has become less and less predictable over the last two years, but one thing that has been totally consistent is Donald Trump’s willingness to tariff, sanction or embargo just about every foreign economy in the world. This is the case irrespective of all other diplomatic considerations. When […]

The BJP Victory is Good For Pakistan

Revive the two-nation theory as a patriotic narrativeĀ  For many, the two-nation theory is a matter of history rather than a contemporary and ongoing political phenomenon. If the plebiscite demanded by United Nations Security Council Resolution 47 was implemented, if Pakistan was not facing hostile provocations from India and its […]

India Just “Accidentally” Accused The United States of Lying: Here Are The Implications

Last week, US official sources debunked India’s un-evidenced claim that it downed a Pakistani F-16 during an aerial engagement following the Pulwama incident in February. In spite of the US pivoting its south-Asian strategy towards India, not least because India can be used as America’s anti-Chinese proxy in the region, […]

India Misreads Trump Yet Again

For a country whose foreign policy is cunningly super-strategic (whether the strategy fails is another matter entirely), it is somewhat bemusing to see India consistently fail to understand Donald Trump’s own global strategy. This is all the more bemusing because as a matter of fact, Trump’s foreign policy strategy is […]

A Hindutva Empire is Worse Than 100 British Empires – Blaming Modi’s Aggression on 1940s Britain is Intellectual Cowardice

A constant refrain from non-south Asian media on the current Kashmir crisis and the wider India-Pakistan standoff is one which seeks to blame the entire matter on the British Empire’s hasty withdrawal from the region in the late 1940s. However, Britain’s withdrawal from south Asia only tells half of the […]