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After Bibi, Putin Tries To Help Modi Get Re-elected

President Putin bestowed Russia’s highest civilian award of the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called onto Prime Minister Modi right after the beginning of India’s month-long electoral process in order to boost his bid for re-election in a similar manner as he just did for “Israel’s” Bibi after […]

India’s Infantile Election

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an appeal to first time voters to cast a ballot for his BJP as a tribute to the Indian military personnel involved in a provocative action against Pakistan. For a country that enjoys promoting itself as the “world’s largest democracy”, such militant campaign […]

India Just “Accidentally” Accused The United States of Lying: Here Are The Implications

Last week, US official sources debunked India’s un-evidenced claim that it downed a Pakistani F-16 during an aerial engagement following the Pulwama incident in February. In spite of the US pivoting its south-Asian strategy towards India, not least because India can be used as America’s anti-Chinese proxy in the region, […]

Nepal Might Be Modi’s Next Foreign Policy Target

A fledgling Hindu fundamentalist movement is becoming a more disruptive force in Nepali society after  clashing with the police over their demands that the country return to being a constitutionally Hindu state, something which perfectly dovetails with the “Akhand Bharat” grand strategy of Indian Prime Minister Modi and might make […]