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India’s Complying With American Sanctions But Iran Keeps Begging It To Reconsider

India capitulated to American pressure and complied with the anti-Iranian sanctions regime, yet Iran keeps begging it to reconsider and continue investing in the Islamic Republic anyhow, with its humiliating behavior revealing just how desperate it is for economic relief during these tough times. US sanctions got India to ditch […]

India’s Proposal For A Global “Terrorism” Conference Will Probably Backfire

Indian Prime Minister Modi proposed a global “terrorism” conference while speaking in the Maldives during his first foreign trip following last month’s resounding re-election victory, but while this idea is obviously intended to contribute to his failed policy of “isolating” the global pivot state of Pakistan, it’ll probably backfire by […]

It’s Not A “Trade War”, India & The US Are Just Trying To Get A Better Trade Deal

Many international observers have misinterpreted Trump’s termination of India’s membership in the “Generalized System of Preferences” and New Delhi’s decision to supposedly go forward with the S-400s despite CAATSA sanctions threats as the beginning of an Indo-American “trade war”, but both allied Great Powers are actually just playing games with […]

Trump’s Post Election Surprise For Modi’s India Explains Everything One Needs to Know About America’s “New Normal”

US foreign policy has become less and less predictable over the last two years, but one thing that has been totally consistent is Donald Trump’s willingness to tariff, sanction or embargo just about every foreign economy in the world. This is the case irrespective of all other diplomatic considerations. When […]

The BJP Victory is Good For Pakistan

Revive the two-nation theory as a patriotic narrativeĀ  For many, the two-nation theory is a matter of history rather than a contemporary and ongoing political phenomenon. If the plebiscite demanded by United Nations Security Council Resolution 47 was implemented, if Pakistan was not facing hostile provocations from India and its […]

India’s Ambassador To The US Strongly Hinted At An Anti-Russian Military Pivot

India’s much-touted and over-hyped policy of “multi-alignment” is seeming more and more like a cover for unconvincingly disguising the country’s strategic alliance the US, especially after its Ambassador to America strongly hinted that Modi will undertake an anti-Russian military pivot during his second term in office. There’s little doubt that […]

Narendra Modi Comes Back Stronger: He is Now a Phenomenon That Requires More Than The Political to Beat

The writing was always on the wall. The Opposition had tried their best to make their supporters understand that the one-sided results predicted by the exit polls were something unreal. The idea was to send across the message that even the electronic voting machines were manipulated by the Narendra Modi […]