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India is Trying to Hasten Arab League-Assad Reconciliation in Order to Win Lucrative Post-War Contracts

While the Arab League has become little more than an expensive talking shop for heads of state from 22 Arab countries, Syria’s 2011 suspension from the organisation it co-founded in 1945 was indicative of the country’s isolation from fellow Arabs that Syria’s governing Ba’ath party encourages unity among under the […]

If India is The “World’s Largest Democracy” Why Did Its Primer Congratulate The Winner of The World’s Largest Rigged Election?

Bangladesh just held its highly anticipated general elections that as expected resulted in a landslide victory for the political alliance led by incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League. The election was marred by voter intimidation, allegations that are widely believed to be true regarding ballot tampering and even the mysterious and […]