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Duterte’s Critics Are a Combination of Outdated Ideologues, Bigots And Wilfully Misinformed Useful Idiots of The Yellow Agenda

President Duterte’s approval ratings in The Philippines remain incredibly high, both by the standards of his contemporaries and by international standards. His continued popularity in his country, demonstrates that Filipinos know something that many overseas have not yet been able to grasp. As of December 2017, President Duterte had an […]

Fact Check: Duterte is Not The First Genuinely Progressive Leader To Oppose a “Communist Party”

The government of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has made a move to formally ban the Communist Party of The Philippines as talks with its armed faction, the¬†New People’s Army (NPA) have broken down. Duterte’s move has confounded many foreign analysts who correctly understand Duterte’s government to have many progressive elements. […]