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Armenia’s “Self Appointed” Premier Seeks Legitimacy With Snap Elections as Protests Continue

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is already suffering from a case of “be careful what you wish for” even though thus far he has got everything he has wanted without any significant resistance. Throughout April, Pashinyan led street protests in Yerevan where the once suited and shaved newspaper oligarch donned a […]

Armenian Protest Leader Nikol Pashinyan Voted Prime Minister by National Assembly – The Full Story

Pashinyan – the “people’s” oligarch One week after losing a bid to be elected Prime Minister by the Armenian National Assembly, the country’s unicameral legislature, today, a majority of Assembly members voted for Pashinyan to become Armenia’s new Prime Minister. Pashinyan was able to rely on votes from the ruling Republican […]

Two Dead and One Critically Injured As Gunshots Fired at Armenian Bank as Political Situation Remains Uncertain

For nearly a month Armenian politician and newspaper oligarch Nikol Pashinyan has led protests throughout the country demanding effective “regime change” aimed at making Pashinyan, the leader of a parliamentary minority party, the new Prime Minister of the country. After a vote in the National Assembly failed to elect Pashinyan Prime […]

Pashinyan’s Self-Imposed Blockade Is Economic Suicide For Armenia

“Opposition” leader Nikol Pashinyan’s call for a so-called “general strike” after parliament rejected his bid for Prime Minister has led to the self-imposed blockade of Armenia after “protesters” shut down the only highways connecting the landlocked country with the outside world, bringing this failing South Caucasian state closer to economic […]

Armenian Assembly Fails to Elect New Prime Minister – Protests to Continue

In an emergency session of the Armenian Assembly, the country’s unicameral legislative body, self-described opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan sought the Assembly’s election as the country’s next Prime Minister and head of government. In spite of contesting the election unopposed, Pashinyan did not receive sufficient votes to win office. Currently, Pashinyan’s Yelk party only has […]

The News That Russia Won’t Intervene In Armenia Is An Infowar In And Of Itself

Russia was never going to “intervene” in stopping the Armenian Color Revolution (or “people’s revolution” as its supporters at home and abroad are referring to it as), and manufacturing a news event out of this non-existent issue is useful only in furthering weaponized infowar narratives such as maintaining the so-called […]

Armenia to Hold Snap Elections as Interim PM Capitulates to “Opposition”

Interim Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has formally requested that President Armen Sarkissian call a snap election for the country’s unicameral National Assembly in a move which appears to be a further capitulation to street protests behind led by liberal newspaper oligarch Nikol Pashinyan. Pashinyan was due to meet with Karapetyan this morning […]