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Imran Khan Has Successfully Exposed Liberalism as Pakistan’s Greatest Enemy

America’s Establishment – the military-industrial complex  During his final address as President of the United States of America, General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the development of a military-industrial complex in the following way: “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the […]

Imran Khan’s Economic Advisory Council Makes Policy Makers Accountable to the Elected Head of Government

Many have long criticised what has been described as Pakistan’s military establishment’s overbearing role in political policy making. While Imran Khan looks to harmonise and modernise the relationship between elected officials and the establishment, there is a much more urgent elephant in the room that has scarcely been addressed. In […]

Imran Khan Has Won The “Cartoon Wars”

How it happened  The Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders like many European politicians is opposed to mass migration but unlike most of his counterparts who see the issue in terms of European security, for Wilders, the migration issue is part of a wider battle against Islam which he claims is incompatible […]

Fake News on China’s Participation in Foreign Conflicts Indicates How Seriously The World Takes China’s Armed Forces

It is generally unusual for both those with a pro-China stance and anti-China stance to both spread equal and opposite rumours regarding China’s participation in foreign military conflicts. Two recent examples of such completely baseless claims regarding China’s alleged participation in two of the world’s major conflicts illustrate how China’s […]

Moscow’s Afghan Conference Is Postponed: Undignified Defeat Or Strategic Delay?

The abrupt postponement of next week’s Afghan conference in Moscow might look like an undignified Russian defeat in the face of a dangerous American provocation this morning, but it’s actually a strategic delay intended to make the outcome more fruitful by potentially including Kabul in this framework. Russian Foreign Minister […]

This is How China Can Prevent US Led Regime Change in Myanmar While Insuring Peace For The Rohingya

The UN condemns Myanmar  A UN investigation has found that the Tatmadaw, Myanmar’s armed forces have acted with “genocidal intent” against the Rohingya Muslim community during civil strife in the country’s Rakhine state. The UN reporters have further stated, “The crimes in Rakhine State, and the manner in which they were […]