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To Those Who Dislike Trump: Tell us Why?

Donald Trump has not made the United States less safe and he has not made the United States less wealthy. The fact is that under Trump there have not been any international terrorist incidents on US soil. Simultaneous to this, while the US economy has since 1971 been dangerously predicated […]

The BJP Victory is Good For Pakistan

Revive the two-nation theory as a patriotic narrative  For many, the two-nation theory is a matter of history rather than a contemporary and ongoing political phenomenon. If the plebiscite demanded by United Nations Security Council Resolution 47 was implemented, if Pakistan was not facing hostile provocations from India and its […]

Pakistan’s Overseas Baloch Reintegration Campaign Extends To The EU

Dr. Jumma Khan Marri’s trip to the EU is a powerful example of a Pakistani patriot doing everything that he can to reintegrate his fellow overseas Baloch into their cosmopolitan homeland’s society after previously supporting their militant secession from it for decades. One of the long-running structural threats to Pakistan’s […]